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Sylw: For our Anglesey customers and providers, the service is and always will be completely free as gratitude for hosting and tolerating our infancy !
Diolch yn fawr iawn.

How much space do I need ?

Surprisingly not all of us are experts in visualising what a (e.g) 20ft x 8ft unit would look like, let alone hold. So here’s some examples to relate to. (Note: it’s worth checking the height of the unit available, some taller units might take more stuff , if the stuff can be stacked, for less floor area)

Could you fit it all in a toilet cubicle ? Standard toilet cubicle size is approx 5ft x 3ft or 15ft2 total floor area.

Could you fit it all in a standard garden shed ? A typical garden shed is approx 6ft x 5ft or 30ft2 total floor area.

See this little old cattle trailer (bear with us on the examples !), well this is 10ft x 5ft of 50ft2 total floor area. Without any animals in it do you reckon you could get all your stuff in here ?

Okay, so use your imagination a bit here..this is HALF a standard shipping container, 8ft x 10ft or 80ft2. These are becoming more common in some self-storage yards.

If you had the sides on could you fit all your stuff into the area of a standard pop-up gazebo ? These are usually approx. 10ft x 10ft or 100ft2.
Image result for 10ft x 10ft

Bit random, but this greenhouse is 10ft x 15ft or 150ft 2. Some storage providers estimate this would take the contents of a typical 2 bedroom house including appliances.

Hooray, something we can easily relate too.. this standard shipping container is 8ft x 20ft or 160ft2, could you get all your stuff in here ?

What else do I need to consider ?

A lot of storage providers will require that you use your own padlock to secure your unit. The type you go for is up to you but we recommend you get a good quality lock that complies with British standards. Many providers actually sell padlocks too. This will be noted on the tabs on their profile.

Insurance is an aspect that can vary from one facility to the next. Some like you to have your own insurance, others require you take out insurance with them if the value of your stuff is more than a certain amount. Each storage provider will provide details of what their policy is, and we will help to clarify this when you reserve.

Most storage providers will have their own “check-in” procedure. This may include provisions such as obtaining proof of a customers ID and address, securing deposits, setting up standing orders and confirming emergency details, as well as of course signing up to their standard T&Cs such as “you won’t store live animals in your unit” – trust us, sometimes these are the issues providers face !

You may want to think about certain things you want from the storage facility e.g. Do you need 24hr access or is 9-5 ok ? Do you need trolleys on site ? Do you need on site management ? Etc
There are more options than you might think and some you might find especially useful. We are here to help highlight these so you know what to expect.

Its also worth considering how long you will need storage for. Many storage providers will offer discounts for long term bookings where these are paid for up front e.g. 12 months.